Childcare Montgomery County PA

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide affordable care in which our dedicated staff provides loving security. We’re centered around the idea that children play to learn. Age appropriate activities allow children to explore and manipulate in order to create a hands on, mind on environment. 

As we grow day to day, we develop emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually.

School Philosophy

As a nation our most important resource is children. Through the wonder of a happy, supportive childhood a child can gather the tools he or she will need to function as a productive adult in our society. Teachers and caregivers are able to help develop these tools by setting examples including manners, kindness, tolerance and understanding.

These attributes cannot be learned “virtually”, therefore part of this philosophy includes the absence of all electronic devices in the classroom. The availability of “screen time” at home provide the time they need to master their use under their parents guidance. Educational DVD’s are used for brief schedule times during transitional periods and are limited and monitored by the administration.

Children require the opportunity to grow at their own pace, therefore, a curriculum should remain flexible as well as provide basic knowledge on which they will be able to build learning skills for a lifetime. As a licensed facility, we are responsible for launching students’ academic and social careers.

Through our hands-on curriculum, social experiences, field trips, intergenerational activities, and physical environment we are prepared to meet the needs of our students and give them the tools to become successful students as well as valuable resources to our society.

We provide services at this facility without regard to your race, color, religious creed, handicap, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, or LEP.

To help ensure and protect your child’s privacy, we deliberately choose to not have pages on any social media platforms.

To view our day care regulations, please click here.

Childcare Montgomery County PA
Childcare Montgomery County PA
Childcare Montgomery County PA

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Our new facility is outfitted with the latest HVAC system which has CO2 sensors monitoring 24\7 that intakes fresh air and flushes out old air. This circulation of fresh air is healthier for our children and staff alike.

All entrances have secure combination locks.

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